CANCLAVE is an event-organized with a goal to spark conversation, connection and networking among public spirited citizens and local heroes who have done pioneering work in the social space. It covers a whole spectrum of themes including Education, Law, Health, Economics, etc. – Essentially, anything related to Public Good, Policy, Governance, and Change. Vision India Foundation alumnus from Hyderabad organized the pioneering edition – CANCLAVE Hyderabad – on 11th February 2018 with support from ISB Hyderabad. The theme was ‘Urban Governance’ and it featured a curated list of storytellers narrating their journeys in instrumenting change. Comprising of messages by Guests of Honor, Keynote speakers and Unsung Heroes, it was an evening of inspiration and learning.

Guests of Honor

Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, Founder, Loksatta, and FDR spoke about the effective enforcement and challenges involved in the urban governance, He talked about the perseverance needed to aspire for a better change.

Shri. Avinash Mohanty, IPS Officer-Crime Branch spoke about the pulls and pushes, dichotomy involved in the Governance. He gave his one-liner that can make things in order if followed bt all – “Do what you are expected to do as a citizen”

Keynote Speakers

Manju Latha Kalanidhi is the City Editor at The Indian express. As the founder of Rice bucket challenge she explained how #ricebucketchallenge has gone viral with just Facebook as a base and motivated the delegates that online intention should match your offline intention.

Vishala Reddy, founder of IdentCITY, shares her journey of bringing about the innovations in Urban Planning and creating a platform for various stakeholders to come together.

Shri. Gangadhara Tilak Katnam, retired railway employee, poularly known as the ‘Road Doctor’. He has filled up 1300+ potholes till now to prevent accidents. He is the witness of the famous quote “our lives begin to end the day; we become silent about things that matter”- spoke about attitudinal change, which should come among the people.

Unsung Heros

Vijay Mallangi shared his story of influencing change by increasing citizen engagement and active participation.

Mr. N S Prasad, Climate Change activist talked about leading a happy life being intellectually rich and materialistically poor.

Kaushik Sharma shared  about his legal battles to bring about the long-time impact. He fought on the Fluorosis issue prevalent in some of the states of Telangana, also he approached the National Green Tribunal on the issue of waste dumping yards.

Anshul Sinha impressed everyone with his candid speech. Full of challenges, his creative journey of bringing the change via the medium of movies and documentary was very inspiring.

Organizing Team

Alumni of Vision India Foundation who aspire to become the change agents came together for the common cause to interact with the change agents in the space of urban governance.  The organising team was led by Bhaarath, a Chartered Accountant by profession who believes that welfare the joint responsibility of the government and citizens and needs complementary and synchronized efforts for efficacy. Venkat is Currently working as Teaching Assistant in the Marketing, and Entrepreneurship areas at Indian School of Business (ISB-Hyderabad) was another key member.He is a skilled ‘tourism industry’ specialist with 4 plus years experience in the M.I.C.E (Meetings, Incentive tours, Conventions, Events / Exhibitions), and Education sector.


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