CANCLAVE Mumbai 2018

Continuing the series of engaging public-spirited citizens locally and giving voice to local unsung heroes, the Mumbai edition of CANCLAVE 2018 was organised by alumni of Vision India Foundation on 5th July 2018. The theme of the event was ‘Citizens in Action’ and the distinguished speakers curated their journeys kindling in different capacities. The event provided two-way intellectual and social interaction for the participants as well as the guest speakers.

Reading down will give you a glimpse of thought-provoking interaction at CANCLAVE Mumbai.

Guests of Honor
Amish Tripathi, widely read author of fastest selling book series ‘The Shiva Trilogy”, spoke about the importance of understanding one’s own culture and tradition. He urged the young and old to look back at their own roots and discover the gem of a culture and history that’s hidden underneath. The author also expounded on what ‘the right version’ in terms of a narrative history really means and led the audience to debate whether such a version really exists.

Vivek Agnihotri, renowned film director, producer and scriptwriter, shared his journey of the creation of his movie ‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam’ followed by his best-selling book ‘Urban Naxals”, relating to one of the most debated ideas in recent times, of ‘urban naxalism’. He touched upon the various challenges that he faced, right from the idea’s inception until it’s release, and the repercussions of the same, to date.

Keynote Speakers
Shefali Vaidya, a social media activist and newspaper columnist, dabbled with a topic that very few talk or think about it these days – the place of saree in the society. She spoke passionately about the different kinds of fabrics and handloom weaving techniques that communities across the country have kept alive for generations now, along with emphasizing our role in keeping them alive.

Haresh Shah, the founder of Making a Difference Foundation (MAD), spoke of the vision of MAD, along with various projects that they have worked on, including the major beautification project carried out by them of all 36 railway stations in Mumbai, in a week’s time.

Unsung Heros
Chintan Parikh, the founder of Paradigm of Life, spoke about their work in bringing out the leadership qualities in every person and inculcating in people the virtue of having a positive outlook on life, in different spheres. He also shared their experience of having conducted workshops for school kids and encouraging in them a sense of caring for the environment.

Hema Gopinathan Sah, a writer and a poet, spoke of the magic that is kindled by stories using her mesmerising art of narration. She addressed the age-old debate surrounding history vs myth/story and was able to obscure the thin line that separates the two.

Girish Kulkarni, the founder of Snehalaya, shared his journey from his school days on, to talk of what inspired him to start an organisation that works extensively for the betterment of sex workers and their children. He also spoke of a number of projects that they’ve been working on, ranging from education to health care, to rehabilitation.

The Organizing Team
Alumni of different executive education programs of Vision India Foundation from the Mumbai zone came together with spirit of engaging themselves and others around them for a constructive cause. This time the team of aspiring change agents was led by Ketan Dand (Company Secretary professional). The credit of successful edition of CANCLAVE Mumbai 2018 goes to the efforts and dedication of following team members

  1. Shweta Singh
  2. Nachiketa Mittal
  3. Sattvik Jajoo
  4. Gulam Sarwar
  5. Vidhi Dedhia
  6. Sahil Bagwe
  7. Yashraj Ahir