• Theme:
    Your CANCLAVE should be driven by particular theme – topic that affects everyday life.
  • Length:
    Your event should not exceed one day in length.
  • Location:
    VIF allocates one person for one location you must live in the city or college for which you are applying for a license. Your CANCLAVE must happen in the city or college for which you have been authorised. Authorization to conduct CANCLAVE is valid for one year. After a year, the current organizer should nominate four people for the next year.  Best of the four will be chosen by the VIF team.
  • Funds:
    CANCLAVE should not be used as a platform to make money and raise funds for charities or other organizations.
  • Admission:
    You can charge an attendance fee for a CANCLAVE. Tickets should not be charged more than INR 1,000 and should go towards event and operating costs.
  • Attendance:
    Up to 70% of the capacity of the booked hall should be filled with the audience
  • Naming:
    CANCLAVEs are named after cities or college. Event names must comply with the guidelines laid out in Branding Guidelines.
  • Co-branding:
    We do not allow co-branding – either connecting the CANCLAVE logo/identity/name to the name of another organization, non-profit, corporation or other, or presenting your CANCLAVE as being organized by such entities.
  • Name of your event
    Your event should be called CANCLAVE in “College Name” or a “City Name”.
  • Audience
    Your audience is simply the people who live in the area where you’re holding your event and interested in the topic of the conference.
  • Duration
    Standard CANCLAVE can be as brief as a couple of hours, and up to one day in length.