CANCLAVE is a compilation of a short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations on a subject to foster learning, inspiration and conversation. The presentation should be a 40-minute talk by a single presenter. No panels or Q&As with audience are permitted as part of mainstage programming. Breakouts and workshops are permitted during CANCLAVE events but must be held during the breaks.


CANCLAVE should be single themed and focussed. It much feature people who have brought change in the society but haven’t received many platforms to share their work.

Introduction video

A short, official introduction video of VIF must be played at the beginning of your event. Playing this video is not optional; the purpose of the video is to make sure that your audience understands what Vision India Foundation is and where does CANCLAVE fits in.

Recording content

You must record all original stage content (live talks, performances, etc.) on video. After your event, you must make this video accessible to VIF and we will make it public by uploading at the CANCLAVE YouTube channel.


VIF team will make a page for your CANCLAVE on the main website and give you the access to the page for putting up information. Don’t create another website for CANCLAVE in your city. The page needs to include information about your live speakers, a description of your venue, the date and location of your event. You may also add registration link.