• Selection
    The final selection of the speakers will be done by VIF after the list of possible invitees are sent to us. VIF can also help in identifying or secure speakers. Organizers are responsible for procuring and handling their own speakers.
  • Event organizers
    Organizers cannot be speakers at events to which they contribute.
  • Sponsors
    Sponsors cannot be presented from the stage. For more information see Sponsorship rules.
  • Duration
    No talk can exceed 40 minutes in length.
  • Speaker waiver
    All of your speakers, performers and other stage presenters must sign the form, which gives VIF and others the right to edit and distribute video of their presentation. Please send the form to VIF along with the video of the presentation.
  • Filming
    Every talk must be filmed and shared to VIF. If an organizer chooses to withhold a talk, they are fully responsible for informing VIF the reasoning of their actions to the speakers.
  • No Commercial Agenda
    Speakers should not promote their own products, books, or businesses or those of a company which employs them. The only exception is where they have specifically been invited to give a powerful product demo, or to describe the ideas in their book, and here the focus should still be on the technology and/or the ideas.
  • Content
    VIF strictly restricts use of a provocative speech especially with a political or religious agenda. Not even a speech with a polarizing language. We can blacklist the college or city if any such speech is staged.