It is recommended to have one official team of videographers to record the event. If media wants to cover the talk, their location should cover the speaker, presentation and the CANCLAVE logo.

Facebook Live should be done through CANCLAVE Page. The recorder should use proper camera and the audio connection for proper telecast. If Webcast doesn’t meet the guidelines, VIF team may remove or initiate to stop it.

Before you share the video to VIF team, you must confirm that all the images, music and video clips used in your speakers’ presentations are cleared for distribution on YouTube. Do not put watermarks, text or other labels onto the videos. No picture in picture allowed. Do not superimpose your event logo or your videographer’s information.

The talks will be uploaded on YouTube by VIF team. The video should not be uploaded to any other platform. If the need be, the link of the video should be shared.

Sponsor logos on your videos:
There must only be a single slide in your video to feature all of your sponsor logos. Sponsor logos may not appear anywhere else in the video. Sequence of the slides in the video should be as follows:

  • Sponsors slide (not more than 5 seconds)
  • Talk
  • Sponsors (not more than 5 seconds)