Basic Details:

  • Duration: 40-60 minutes of interaction with each speaker. Mandatory 4 speakers.
  • Audience: 50 – 500
  • Location: Choose a suitable venue in the city preferably a college.

Stage Setup:

  • Speaker: Speaker is standing in front of the audience on a 6-12 inch raised platform.
  • Backdrop: CANCLAVE flex in the background. Details are given in Brand Guidelines.
  • Equipment: Sound system, mics, camera for video and photos
  • Lighting: Extra light if the standard lighting is not sufficient
  • Recording and Photography: Video recording and photography for each talk.
  • Projector: Screen should be placed such that it is visible to the entire audience. Speaker should have a clicker in the hand.


1. College representative introduces the speaker and invites him/her to the stage
2. Speaker speaks for the allotted time and leaves the stage
3. No questions are entertained during the session
4. After the talk, moderator invites the representative to thank the speaker and present him a memento/gift

Post Event:

  • Social Media: Selected pictures of the event to be uploaded on Facebook Page of CANCLAVE only.
  • Video: Entire speech of each speaker should be shared with VIF team. They will upload it on their YouTube channel.
  • Thank You Email: Thank you email to speaker, organizing team and all members of audience along with photos will be sent by VIF.
  • Blog and Press Release: Published on CANCLAVE website

Points to be addressed during the speech:

1. Please share your life journey in brief
2. People and situations which influenced you, impressed you to work in the chosen field
3. Biggest challenge while executing your ideas
4. Do and Don’t for success in life
5. Messages for young and experienced people in the audience
6. Some bright ideas that we should take away home